WEB LIMITED 'sustainable construction consultancy''




BONEYE VISUAL is the regions first Sustainable Events & Green Marketing Company.It is a
subsidiary of WEB LIMITED and we strive to reduce the negative environmental impact of events
while at the same time delivering high quality, professionally executed and affordable green


BONEYE VISUAL draws its inspiration from its CEO and CO-Founder of WEB Limited Boniface Chege famously known as
BONEYE. He is a member of the channel O, Kisima and numerous Chaguo la teenez award winning pop group in Kenya
P-UNIT. Bon’eye has a background in Film and production from Nairobi film School and has had cameo appearances in the MTV
Drama Shuga 1 (2010),Shuga 2 (2011) ,Citizen TV Siri (2011) and Nation TV Mali just to mention a few. Having been in the
entertainment industry for years he has built a wealth of networks, skill and dynamic analysis of events in Kenya and identifying gaps
that lie in the industry

What we do

Services offered include Commercial Pre/ Post
Production, Production Equipment Hire, Green
Marketing and Product Launch, Green Events